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Holy cow! I survived the winter and a bout of pneumonia. Thought I was going to have to be hospitalized, it got so hard to breathe. I think I cracked a few ribs with all the coughing. I'm much better now, and taking a full load of classes while teaching a couple of sections of Java. I may not be an expert, but I learn more the more I teach it.


Wealth beyond your wildest dreams? You bet! But not here. However, you can get a few pennies a day from Porivo PEER. It's a place where you get paid for allowing them to use your computer to crunch numbers in the background..

The following weather magnets are brought to you by The Weather Channel. (duh!) If the weather conditions aren't current enough for ya, just click on the "magnet" and it'll whisk you to The Weather Channel's site.

Here is the current weather in Cincinnati:

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And here's the weather in Stillwater, OK - home of Eskimo Joe's! Ice cold beer and a Joe's Special with everything hits the spot any time!

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Gantwick's CDs
Come a see my reviews of a few of my favorite artists! This is a CDNow review page. You can also buy your favorite music from here.

This link is to Icemaid's site. Great place to visit! Some of the artwork there is stunning. She's worked hard for a really classy site! Also, she's one of my Guestbook signers. If you sign my Guestbook (hint! hint!), perhaps I'll put a link to your site, too!
A View From Above
This is an aviation related site. If your browser handles Java (most do now), this site is pretty awesome. Again, I put this link in from a signer of my Guestbook (another hint! hint!).
Jeff Rense
This is an interesting sight. If you are paranoid or curious (or both) take a look. I usually have a salt shaker nearby, because I take a lot of this stuff with a grain of salt. On the other hand, maybe there are some things happening that we can't explain, or those who know won't explain for their own reasons.
Tae Bo
Here's the link to Billy Blanks' Tae Bo site. He (Mr. Blanks) is filled with a great charisma and positive attitude that makes it easy to survive the workouts.
The Bob and Tom Show
These guys rock! Click here and visit the Bob and Tom Show website. Their morning radio show can be heard in dozens of markets across the country. And through the magic of the Internet, all around the world. Sometimes their humor is crude, but they are always funny. Did I say funny? These guys are hilarious!!!! And if anybody out there listens to Bob and Tom, let them know that it would really be nice if they could find a station in Oklahoma to carry them.

Quantum Quests
Long before this site existed, I had heard of Jonathan Parker. I have some of his tape programs and I think they are really great.
Dr. Will Miller
Do you like to laugh? Do you watch TV? Do you ever wonder why we watch the things we do? Have you ever wondered about your (or somebody else's) sanity? See what Dr. Will has to say!!!
Are you planning to travel soon? is a good place to check out airfares and accommodations. is owned by 700,000 net-surfers who happened to be in the right place at the right time and got 3 free shares apiece.

I just put this link up for anyone who wants to keep in touch with their buds from high school.

Alumni.Net - Bringing School Friends Together

Click here for Celebrex

I love to read! How about you?

See what Barnes & Noble has on their Recommended list. This changes regularly. Come back often and see what's hot! Besides what is on the B&N recommended list, you can also search and order things that interest you. I'll bet you or somebody you know would love to have a good book to curl up with on a dark and stormy night!

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